ENOMA - European Network Online Music Archives

Welcome to ENOMA!

European network for online publishing of music and musical preformance at academical institutions.

Main objectives of ENOMA

1. Establish an international digital sound archive for (non-commercial) music. The archive will contain recordings which are the outcome of artistic research projects. These will be published online and made accessible to researchers, teachers and students, as well as the general public. The archive will also contain musical scores.

2. Establish a network of music education institutions with similar needs for documentation of results, which are or wishes to be engaged in establishing digital musical archives.

3. In cooperation with higher-level music education institutions, develop common standards for digital storing and publication of music.

4. 4. Clarify legal issues concerning enstablishing of and access to digital music archives.

Call for partnership

The initiative to the ENOMA project is taken by The Grieg Academy at the University of Bergen, Norway, in cooperation with Aksis – the University of Bergen’s Department of Culture, Language and Information Technology.

At this point we are inviting selected European partners to join the consortium, with a view to applying for the funding of a project within the European Union’s eContentplus programme. Application deadline is June 12, 2008.

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